About Us

About Us

Indi Drive driving instructors are passionate about keeping drivers safe on WA roads. We love our jobs as driver trainers and want nothing more than to give our students a fun and relaxed experience when learning to drive.

Meet your Indi Drive Instructors



Manual Driving Lessons

After graduating Edith Cowan University in 2011 with a Bachelor of Business, Jazmin commenced work as a trainer and assessor in the business and finance sector. Jazmin has worked both as an “in-house” trainer and Training Manager within an RTO.

In 2013 Jazmin decided to become qualified as a driving instructor and hasn’t looked back. Teaching people the practical “life skill” of driving a vehicle has kept Jazmin challenged and excited to go to work every day. Jazmin’s passion for driver training has extended to training driving instructors and opening her own school – Indi Drive.

We understand that our students are nervous about learning to drive. Our aim is to make our students learning experience and stress free and enjoyable as possible. During a lesson, we will always ask you what you would like to accomplish that day and incorporate that into the lesson plan. It is important to us that our students are involved in the learning process, it is simply more fun that way. Jazmin conduct's manual driving lessons from Yanchep to Joondalup.


Manual Driving Lessons

Hi my name is Mark and I am a fully qualified self-employed Driving Instructor who is part of the Indi Drive team.

As a father of 4 kids I understand that we love and want to raise our kids to be safe while also keeping their friends and family safe, be it on the road or in life in general.

I am based in the Perth suburb of Duncraig and will travel between Joondalup, Mirrabooka, West Perth and Midland and surrounding suburbs to give Manual driving lessons.

With extreme levels of patience, I have successfully trained students with anxiety, ADD and various levels of autism. I been conducting driving lessons as a full time profession since qualifying in 2011 with the Department of Transport. I have a Cert IV in Driving Instruction, Cert IV in Training and Assessment and have also qualified as a Keys2drive Accredited Driving Instructor. Each lesson is customised to the needs of the driver to find the best training style for thier learning and not a one shoe fits all approach.

Mark | Indi Drive InstructorsMark

Automatic & Manual Driving Lessons

I believe I am extremely innovative as a driving instructor and have a special skill to help those who feel anxious and nervous about learning to drive.

So maybe you have heard it all before but I am pretty good communicator, a skilled people watcher and a sponge for nervous energy. I don't just look at how you are learning but why you may do stuff - if we know why it becomes possible to rechannel the energy for good results.

I am married to an amazing Chinese woman and have an Aussie son, Chinese/Australian daughter, two dogs, a cockateil and half a dozen fish. Working backwards the fish teach me serenity, the bird teaches me that there is more to flying than flapping your wings, the two dogs show me unconditional love and as for the humans (wife, son and daughter) in the mix they teach me everyone is different and needs to be treated as an individual.

But at the end of the day its what my students think and the feedback I get is that I a little different from other trainers, just crazy enough for my love of driving to rub off and become your love of driving.

Give Indi Drive a call, the worst that can happen is you'll love the lesson.



Automatic Driving Lessons

Gary has over 30 years of experience as a teacher and coach. He brings a knowledge of driving techniques and passion for education to his lessons. In addition to Gary’s work as a full time driving instructor, he is also the “First Team” Coach at Joondalup City Football Club.

Gary’s passion helping people develop to their full potential is part of the reason he is such an excellent instructor. Gary has a wife and two sons who keep him busy when he is not out teaching people to drive or win football games.






Automatic Driving Lessons

I have been Dept of Transport assessed and approved and also have a Cert IV in Driving Instruction, but never stop learning because we recognise everyone is different.

Before finding what I really enjoy and am passionate now, I was once involved for many years in the Smash Repair and Insurance industry seeing first hand the aftermath of some terrible accidents.

Nothing is more rewarding than being able to pass on skills to students to make them safer drivers and doing it in a way that is enjoyable.

My 2nd passion is EATING really enjoy trying new foods, I could even share with you how to cook a roast while driving 🙂 (not really)



Automatic & Manual Driving Lessons

I have been self-employed for over thirty years. I had a Transport business for many years in which I drove many, many miles in trucks.

In 2012, I sold my business and became a driving instructor which is a job I love very much. I have seen a lot of tragic incidents happen on the roads over the years and witness daily people not doing the right things on the roads This has given me a passion to try and instil into all my student the importance of safe driving practices.

I am a very calm and non-stressed person who also makes a driving lesson a relaxing and enjoyable experience

I have been with my wife Lynda for over 30 years and have kids grandkids a dog and a cat .I played a lot of sport when I was young and still take an interest in the AFL and still enjoy watching the cricket

So give Indi Drive a ring and I can assure you that you will have an enjoyable educational experience and I can guarantee we will also have a laugh.



Brian Macfarlan | Manual Driving Instructor


Manual Driving Instructor

I live in Paraburdoo and service the Tom Price and Pilbara area and I love the country experience.

Anyone who knows me says I love a laugh and my sense of humour will help relieve any anxiety you may feel.

I've had the privilege of serving with the Australian Army Fire Service as a Crew Commander. Whilst on secondments with the New South Wales Fire Brigade I experienced  numerous motor vehicle accidents. I witnessed the tragic consequences of driver choices and how it affected their lives. With these experiences I've accumulated a desire to impart my driving knowledge so that you can go away with the confidence to make the right choices.

During my time in the army and my travels I’ve driven on four of the seven continents for business and pleasure. From the busy roads of Malaysia to the scenic sights of Nevada and the efficient road systems of Europe.   I’ve driven luxury vehicles, to dump trucks and even squeezed into a Mercedes Smart Car, all valuable experiences to cater for you're driving needs.

I believe you will have a great time experiencing what driving offers and I want to ensure that you and your loved ones go away with as much knowledge and experience that allows you to enjoy the freedom of driving safely.

So if you live in the Tom Price, Paraburdoo Pilbra area get in touch with us at Indidrive, you will not be disappointed.


Darren and Erica

Manual Driving Lessons

We are a Husband and Wife team based in Canning Vale but covering a vast area South of the River.

We pride ourselves on giving driving lessons that are informative and designed to help you achieve your goal of passing your Driving Test, but that are also a fun experience.

You will learn at a steady pace and never be pushed into situations that you aren’t ready for to keep you safe and help you feel comfortable. Being parents to Three children we know how important it is to not only be a safe driver to pass your PDA but to give you skills to keep you a safe driver for life.

We are both very patient and have had extensive experience in students with anxiety, we are very punctual and accommodating to your schedule.



Automatic Driving Lessons

Experienced, skilful, and safe driver - Thorough knowledge of traffic rules, excellent communicator and instructor, great at conveying ideas and facts, adept at working with people of all backgrounds, personalities, and skill levels - Patient and dedicated to helping students perfect their skills - Always friendly and professional.







Automatic Driving Lessons

My name is Hailey, I am department assessed, I love being a driving instructor with Indi Drive, I am a happy, patient and very easy going person whom will help you feel relaxed and confident.

I have 4 awesome daughters who all have their drivers licenses and I must say doesn't that make the life of a parent easier. I enjoy knowing that once you have passed your L's that I have helped you on the road to independence.

How do I choose a driving school?


If you are thinking, “how do I choose a driving school when there are so many out there?” You are not the only one. You don’t want the cheapest driving school around and you don’t want to be ripped off. So you have done your research and maybe have a list of competitively priced driving instructors, now what? How do you make the best choice of driving instructor?

Answer: Talk to the driving instructor before your first lesson.

Give us a call anytime on 0484 220 888 and speak to Jaz about Indi Drive’s teaching techniques and which instructor will be best for you.

Indi Drive was developed with the needs of novice drivers of Western Australia at heart. We understand that learning to drive a car is a different experience for everyone so we tailor our training specifically to meet the needs of our learner drivers.

What makes our training different?

Indian Ocean Driving School’s teaching systems are based on the psychology of adult learning. Jazmin Whitfield, the owner of Indi Drive, came from successful career in training & development into driving instruction. In addition to a diverse training background, Jazmin also holds tertiary qualifications in training, business and motivation/psychology.

At Indi Drive we incorporate the knowledge on adult motivation and learning styles into our lessons to engage the learner driver at their level.

Teaching "why", not just "how"


Indi Drive driving instructors do not just tell students what to do, they ensure the learner is convinced of the information for themselves. In this way the information is accepted and processes are easily integrated into the learners driving habits. This means the new information is not something the learner driver must always concentrate on to remember.

Understanding is key to effective learning and although it seems a basic principal you would be surprised how often it is overlooked by driving instructors who take a “do as I say” approach to training.


At Indi Drive our instructor’s vehicles are fitted with certified dual controls pedals. That means we can be in complete control of the car at all times during the driving lesson if required. All vehicles are fully insured and under the responsibility of the Driving Instructor. You never need to be worried during your driving lesson. You can't hurt the car, the public or yourself. You are in very capable hands.



At Indi Drive, we driving instructors like to go above and beyond for our students. We pick you up early for driving assessments and go the extra mile, taking you for food, coffee or the loo as needed prior to the test. Our cars are clean, modern and in excellent driving condition. All Indi Drive, Driving Instructors are friendly, professional and have current knowledge of all road rules and regulations.

That's enough about us, we want to know about you! That is our job, getting to know you and helping you succeed at gaining your keys to freedom, getting your license.